Flashback Post 2017 >> Dazzle Event at Commonwealth Place

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to organise something special for the many donors and supporters of my In Plain Sight project. I wanted to thank everyone for enabling me to see the concept through. I decided to organise a dazzle-inspired event at Commonwealth Place early in 2017 with guests turning up in their best dazzle outfits.

The night was fantastic, and it was a great opportunity to get all those involved together and give them a chance to ride the vessel if they hadn't had the chance.  Dr. Martyn Jolly made the night extra special by bringing along his beautiful chromatrope to project colourful, changing patterns in the venue and later within the boat itself. Photographer Andrew SIkorski captured some great moments during the night which you can see via Life in Canberra.

We also had the benefit of some generous sponsors without whom it would not have been possible to hold the event. So thank-you all for your support, I am so grateful. 

Strip - Logos.jpg