Selected Articles / Media (selected)

2018    Musa, Helen. 'Arts/Painter wins top CAPO Award'.
                      City News. 2018, 3 November. Print, Web.          
2017    Hattley, Alison. WIN NewsInterview 'Pattern Logic' Floriade 30th Anniversary. Aired 14 September. Television.
2017    Musa, Helen. 'Canberra Critics Circle: Critics Honour Canberra Artists'.
                      Canberra Critics Circle. 2017, 27 November. Web.          
2017    Contour 556: interventions in the landscape. Interview. Short video.
                      Festival highlights.
          2016    Norris, Yolande. 'The Uniform Project: Saluting Artistic Endeavour'
                      and Stephens, Andrew. 'Dispatches, Designs on Canberra'
                        Art Monthly Australasia magazine. Issue #294. Article. 2016, Print.    
           2016    Caldwell, Lucy and Oliver, Jess. 'Culture Space'
                        2XX Canberra Radio. Interview. 2016, September. Radio.  
           2016    Jacobs, Genevieve. 'In Plain Sight'
                        ABC 666 Canberra Morning Radio. Interview. 2016, July. Radio.  
           2015    Jonnie and Kate Films. ABC Arts. ABC 2. Documentary 'Deception by Design'
                        First Broadcast 29 September. Television.
           2015    Loughheed, Anja. 'From Romanticised to Traumatised: Contemporary Australian Art and the  Landscape'.
                        Topical Ointment. 2015. 25 May. Web.
           2015    Malcolm, Sophie. 'Artist On The Hunt’.
                        ABC Mildura - Swan Hill Victoria. 2015, 19 May. Web.
           2015    Stewart, Sheridan. ‘Katy Mutton’s Post-War Project links to Sunraysia’.
                        ABC Mildura-Swan Hill. Breakfast Radio: Interview 2015, 16 May. Radio.
           2015    Sikorski, Andrew. ‘POST-WAR: Thousand Mile Stare’ Exhibition At ANCA Gallery'.
                        LIFE In Canberra Magazine. 2015, 04 May. Web.  
           2015    Oliver, Jessica. 'Katy Mutton's Post War Project: New Battleground For Returned Soldiers After WWI’.
                        The Canberra Times, Panorama 2015. 24 April. Print and Web.
           2015    Pryor, Sally. 'Thousand Mile Stare At ANCA: Katy Mutton Explores Trauma Of Returned Anzacs'.  
                        The Canberra Times 2015: 16 April. Print and Web.
           2014    Musa, Helen. 'Canberra Critics Circle: Critics Honour Canberra Artists'.
                        Canberra Critics Circle. 2014, 26 November. Web.
           2014    Sikorski, Andrew. 'Katy Mutton’s ‘Rise Of The Machines’ Exhibition At CCAS Manuka’.
LIFE In Canberra Magazine. 2015, 04 June. Web.
           2014    Pryor, Sally. 'Rise Of The Machines: Katy Mutton's Family History Linked To The Art Of War’.
                        The Canberra Times 2014. 01 March. Print and Web.

           Public Talks/Presentations (selected)

           2018      La Trobe University, Mildura and Bendigo. Speaker, Art Forum.
2016      The Australian National University, Canberra ACT. Speaker, Post-War Project: SoA Graduate Conference.
           2015      The National Museum of Australia, Canberra ACT. Speaker, Life on the Homefront: Symposium.
           2015      Megalo Print Studio + Gallery, Canberra ACT. Artist Talk.
           2015      ANCA Gallery, Canberra ACT. Post-War Project. Artist Talk.
           2014      The Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT. Secret Skies: Behind the Scenes. Artist Talk

           Exhibition Catalogues (selected)

          2016   Contour556: Interventions in the Landscape  Public Art Festival
          2016   Nishi Gallery Patterns of Now  Exhibition
          2015   Casula Powerhouse Guarding the Homefront Exhibition
          2014   Canberra Contemporary Art Space Blaze 8 Exhibition 
          2011    Brenda May Gallery Body Language